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“I found CBD Core to be diligent, professional and competent builders  and developers who managed to complete projects in the Marrickville and Parramatta areas in accordance with the approved plans. Further, they provided the appropriate level of project management to ensure that a high standard of workmanship was achieved. On a personal note, I entrusted the company to build my home in St Ives.”

John Portelli
Quantity Surveyor, JPQS Pty Ltd



“I have worked with Steven Harb on several projects over the past ten years. In that time I have come to know Steven not only on a professional level where he has shown his capacity as a Property Developer and Project Manager, but also a personal level. His company, CBD regularly consults with my firm to design and inspect all the various aspects involved with hydraulics / stormwater drainage and civil / structural engineering.  Steven comes with not only my professional but also my personal recommendation as an honest, trustworthy, earnest and highly proficient person.”

Robert Sabbagh
Civil Engineer, Sabbagh Engineering Consultancy



“I have known Steven Harb for over twenty years on a professional and social level. I can confirm that he is a person of great integrity who is extremely dedicated to his family and his work. He is respected and well-liked in the local and outer community and I would not hesitate in recommending him to any persons requiring assistance or support within the property development and building industry. In fact, my accounting firm contracted his company to complete the corporate fit-out of our office in Parramatta in 2006.”

Simon Sassine
Senior Partner, Khourys & Associates



“I have known Steven Harb both personally and professionally for the past fifteen years. During this period I have worked with him and his company on a number of projects including three projects undertaken in the Marrickville area, two developments in Parramatta and a mixed commercial / residential project in Toukley. In the work he has carried out with my involvement, I have found him to be a highly competent manager. He is aware of his statutory obligations and is thorough and meticulous in carrying them out. On a personal level I found Steven to be a very honest and trustworthy individual, a man of outstanding personal integrity and I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

James Phillips
Director, Weir & Phillips Architects



Over the last ten years, I have had the honour and privilege of acting on behalf of Steven Harb both in his personal capacity and for his various legal entities including, CBD Core Pty Ltd and their associated companies. It is my observation that all times Steven Harb had conducted himself and his companies in a polite, honest, respectful, and professional manner. He is well respected amongst his peer in the building and construction industry.

Steven operates in an industry which is heavily regulated and imposes both minimum and statutory obligations as to building and service standard that must be complied with.

Ramy Qutami

Managing Director, Madison Marcus Law Firm



“We have been dealing with Strath Galic for many months over the purchasing of our house. Strath always made himself available and would visit us at our home and contact us regularly throughout the process of the sale.  Strath was always approachable and happy to accommodate our requests when needed.  We felt comfortable around him and he showed genuine concern for us throughout.

I would not hesitate to recommend Strath Galic to future vendors.”

Tracie Ryan



“I first met Strath when he approached me regarding the purchase of my residence in July 2012.  The area in which our residence was situated was rezoned for units.

While I had previously been approached by others interested in the purchase of my house, Strath was the first person that I spoke to who showed any real commitment to both his employer, CBD Core and also to ourselves to ensure that any discussions we had were balanced.  In other words he was able to compromise so that both parties were happy with the final result.

During the whole period from the commencement of negotiations until the ultimate possession of the property by the purchaser he was able to provide us with the answers to a majority of our queries and the minimal number that required further investigation were answered promptly.

I believe that from my dealings with him that he was fair, good to work with and is extremely professional in undertaking his duties both as an employee, as an agent of the employer and in his dealings with third parties.

I would sincerely recommend him to both employers and third parties as a capable person”.

R.A Heaton


” My company Property Investors Alliance , sold two projects for CBD Core, Grace in Carlingford and Evelyn in Hornsby, being 100 units in total.

Outstanding finishing and trendy design are the key feedbacks from our clients. My staffs worked through with Steven’s team from late construction stage to owner inspection. Our clients are thrill to see their high quality of finishing and excellent workmanship in details.

In building construction industry, it is appreciated to see CBD Core is prompt to act on after settlement issues. Quick response time is another factor that I recommend for their quality building work.

I am looking forward more and more business with this renowned company in the near future.”

Justin Wang

Managing Director, The Property Investors Alliance



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